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by Jamie Randolph

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released May 25, 2009

Recorded & Mixed by Curry Weber at Ardent Studios
Assisted by Lucas Peterson
Mastered by Kevin Nix of L. Nix & Co.



all rights reserved


Jamie Randolph Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Wine Kings (Live)
I'm sick, sick and tired of your face
Looks at me like a stranger looks at stranger
Stole his cab on the street
When used to you'd refuse to go to bed
Without a kiss
I'd tuck you in real nice and tight
You smell like angels burning flowers
In a cathedral after hours
Devour me tonight

Will you just forget it
No I, I wont forget this

And I wish I could say that I'm over you today
Its just a lie that I tell my friends
When we drink like kings
I want you waiting in the wings
Just to take me home

Remember June? That afternoon,
There were explosions across the room
When our eyes did those dances
Meeting every seven glances
And I got it real bad for you
Cuz you were new and I was sad
Sick of God and myself
And desperate to play the first few chords of love

Will you just forget it?
No I, I wont forget it

You're just some stupid girl
I'm just some stupid boy
I wish you'd go get destroyed
No wait, I was kidding
This is silly
Track Name: Maria (Live)
Little girl in polyester dress on holiday
Getting nervous as she walks into the service
People whisper as she's passing, look at her tattered rags
Except the boy on the fourth row from the back
Who swears she's an angel

Maria, baby, don't be shy
Just go ahead and spread your wings
Even the bitter hardened-hearted
Wipe their eyes when she sings
And I swear, you're an angel
I guess, at least, to me

Then one night, cold black winter
On a lake of frozen white
Maria sang, loudly to the sky
Turned and smiled as I fell tryin' to hide
Kissed me on the lips and then she
Rose up off the ground
Without a sound, feathers falling around
Tear-soaked cheeks as I ran back into town
Screaming, "There goes my angel!"
Track Name: Pirate Girl (Live)
Been comin' to this beach
Since I was a scared little boy
Mama pushed me in the water
And promised me a sailboat toy
Then the tan-lines and the women
Turned this boy into a man
And I only kissed the girls
My drunken heart could understand

"You sure are a long way from home," I said
"My ship's out there in the middle," she said

I'll sell the house, we'll get a boat
I'll never see my friends again
Then I'll know you're my pirate girl for sure

Spent all day making love
And smiling with our eyes
The best all-round day of my entire human life
Then you told me you were only here
To pick up some supplies
And I immediately insisted on
Talking to the captain with the one good eye

I said, "Take me as your slave."
"How 'bout the plank, and a water grave?!"

I'll sell the house, we'll get a boat
I'll never see my friends again
Then I'll know you're my pirate girl for sure
Rule the seas with our swords
We'll be some sunken treasure lords
Then I'll know you're my pirate girl for sure

And I know that this conflicts with pirate code
But if you're leaving out tomorrow I'm goin'
Cuz my heart's been auctioned off and sold
To this sun-kissed goddess I barely know
Track Name: Sad With No Reason (Live)
I've been working real hard lately
Tryin' not to see my friends
And I'm not proud, no, of it

I wanna be sad with no reason
Don't ask
My boys are screamin' treason
Not so fast
Cuz when I get sick of makin' you guys laugh
I swear, kids, there's not much left

I lie to everyone I know about this
Just tell 'em that I'm workin' on songs
But actually, I'm carefully planning their deaths
For the girls back in Monte Cristo

Unrealistic expectations
Is winnin' now, is winnin' now
Self-destructive infatuation
Gets me everytime, gets me everytime
Track Name: Cowboy Guns (Live)
Fallin' for you was the worst thing I coulda' done
But you said on the phone you knew how the west was won
So I put on my boots, you said, "Meet me in the field"
But you never showed just to show me how that feels

It's been a year now
I best be headin' out

I got cowboy guns
Would you like to see one?
I got cowboy guns in my apartment

You said I was the only cowboy you'd ever known
I said you were the only girl I'd ever known
And I remember last spring you let me take you out
And all the cool kids at school thought you'd chicken out

You said it was a bet
I never got what that meant

Looks like we're gonna crash into
That big ol' Texas moon
And burst into a million fireflies
Layin' on the hood
You said you best be headin' soon
Cuz you and me and this just seem so right
At least tonight

I got cowboy guns
Would you like to see one?
I got cowboy guns in my apartment
I got cowboy guns
And I never shot one
I got cowboy guns in my apartment
Track Name: Demons, On Guard! (Live)
From a walk to a crawl
But I'd say after all, it's been a good year
Considering I'm still singin'
'Bout my pretty little darlins
At least I know now
I'm not walkin' out of this place alive

You're gonna have to carry me out on a stretcher
Well, I bet her pretty little head
Never fathomed this prince
Rollin' down the river for some sleep

You see, it really wasn't me
On your back porch last week
Listenin' to what you say to your friends on the phone
About missin' me
And I could care less
That she just dropped her dress
But next time I'm bringing stronger binoculars

And all this anxiousness and fear
Is gonna pass, dear, I guess
I've been dying to get older
And now I'm just a soldier
Who don't feel any of my kills
Any of my kills
Track Name: Blue Dress (Live)
Can you wear the blue dress
Tonight, please?
Can you wear the perfume I like
Tonight, please?
And will you laugh at all my jokes
Tonight, please?
And when the restaurant catches fire
I'll carry you through the smoke

All this to say
My audience is waiting
All this to say
You're not real and were not dating

Can we stroll hand in hand
Down the avenue?
I'll make the moon give off
The light that looks good on you
And if it rains please don't get scared
I'll wrap us up in my coat
And we'll be safe in there

You're not real, you're not supposed to be
Now I'm supposedly ridding myself
Of all of this helpless romantic bullshit
Track Name: Virginia Poe (Live)
Old buildings don't interest him
Unless the ghosts invite him in

So take three shots of brandy
And follow them down
Stop the carriage
And follow them in

This place it smells like home, like death
My heart beats so fast, it's gonna crack my chest

So take three shots of brandy
To repairing my chest
Go on, heart, get back in my chest

I'm coming

Oh God, Virginia what have you done
Crimson keys, she's splashing me, sing on
Jealous God don't take her
Jealous God don't take her for your choir
You just let her sing to me

I make small figurines
For all the ones I love
And you pick 'em off one by one
With a bee-bee gun
I make small figurines
And I made one for me
So go on death, do the deed

I paid my bar tab
Got home early
Polished my casket
Girl, don't worry
Track Name: East of Downtown (Live)
Let's all go to New York
And go to the most expensive stores
And try on everything that we see
Or we could just go to your mom's
And make out in every single room
And leave the television on
Yea leave the radio on

I have a real hard time findin' the reset button
Can somebody else, make sure somebody else is comin'?
To take me back to my car
So I can drive her east of downtown

Let's go to the arcade
No, I'm out of quarters anyway
But if I had 'em, I'd use 'em
And play 'em and beat 'em all
If I had 'em, I'd use 'em
And play 'em and beat 'em all
Let's get on the bus
Hush! It's just us, it's just us
So show me yours
And I'll show you mine

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh
I'm driving far away
Track Name: Speak To Me (Live)
I've been the king of so many rooms
A person looked to for social cues
I've been a loser in the corner that stares at you
A careless joker that clowns for laughs
I'll even smile for their photographs
Don't ask 'em for much when you're sad

Speak to me, speak to me baby
Won't anyone here speak to me?

I've been a soldier in the killing fields
Medal of honor I had to steal
No battles won yet in the war of self
You blame the meds I was too proud to take
I blame a God that makes mistakes
Let's a boy like me fall for a girl like you

I talk to God
I talk to0 much
I talk in circles
Begging for touch
So I'm shutting up
Cuz you haven't talked
And I never noticed
Your silhouette's outlined in chalk

I bet you always wear that strapless dress
To provoke boys to look their best
Just so you can walk around and turn some heads
You look like hell on a Saturday
I bet you're pissed that I wouldn't wait
Around for you to realize that you love me
Now you sing
Track Name: Midnight Trains-->Rock N Roll Kids (Live)
I'm fallin' out of love again, I feel it
Well can't you tell, can't you tell
But the stars tonight, you just wouldn't believe it
So I guess we might as well
Make love to fake love
Hold on for the sake of
Letting go of someone else

I could push you off the balcony if I wanted
But I guess I already would've if I was gonna

Let's just fall asleep tonight
To the sound of midnight trains
And I'll hide the way I really feel
Beneath these sheets again
I always do better in the company of midnight...

In the halls of this hotel, where you're keepin'
A close eye on me in the hall, where I've been readin'
Captions of the pictures on the wall
Of people who aren't breathing anymore
Well I'm not breathing any...

I could push you off the balcony if I wanted
And tonight I think I'm really, really, really gonna

I could push you off
And you could push me off, too

It's just a lazy rock and roll radio Sunday afternoon
You've been gone for days
Mom's got cops looking out for you
We're just laying on the couch
Watching T.V., I'm watching you
For that look and crooked grin
So I can do things I shouldn't do
To you

Waste away in midtown baby
That ain't hard to do
A couple lazy rock and roll kids
With nothin' better to do

Fill the bath with roses
And I'll sit and read to you
Emily Dickinson's journals
Or "Paris On A Budget For Two"
Then we'll just get you dressed and go to the show
By the door we got an excuse
To go home where the candles are
And spend all our money on booze
With you